How to Easily Prepare for your Final IB Exams: Study Smart, not Hard

Written By: Rashi S Congratulations, this is the last mile! You will be done with the IB as soon as you pass your final exams. I would like to give you some ideas, advice, and tips for your final DP exams which I am sure will help you to pass them with flying colors.    Start […]

How to Easily and Effectively Keep Up with the IB DP Workload: 3 Steps

Written By Rashi S.  The IB DP Y1 is simply preparing you for DP Y2. Although Y1 may already feel like you have a lot of work to do or for some, or it may be more laid-back for others, Y2 is when the workload, deadlines, and pressure starts to kick in. Therefore, already trying […]