5 Quick IB Exam Revision Tips

The IB exam period is almost here and you’re already in full study mode. To help out, we’ve put together a quick round-up of tips to give you an extra edge for your exams with some additional helpful advice on how to ace the rest of them!

5 Quick IB Exam Revision Tips

1. The best way to learn is by making connections between what you already know and the info that needs to be learned in order for it all make sense together. Connect facts or extra info with things you’re knowledgeable about so they stick more easily when trying to recall them later on, which can help a lot when it comes time for exams!
2. Studying the material over different weeks will also keep your interest peaked – divide up topics into 6 sections and study one section each week as opposed to tackling everything at once then completely forgetting half of what was studied before exam day arrives!

3. Repeated short tests are very effective because you can use past papers as a practice test.
4. Study early rather than late, and break up studying into 20 minute increments so it’s less daunting.
5. Change the form of info you’re learning for a more memorable experience: mind maps can help with that by breaking down information visually; diagrams show relationships between concepts as well as how they work together (i.e., flow charts)..

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