A Leg Up: The benefits of IB Private Tutoring

Written by :Birgitte J.

Few of us are equally good at everything we try our hands at, and chances are there are some subjects you could use a little extra help with. This is especially true in the IB as you head into the Internal and External Assessments (IAs)[1], when an expert teacher or examiner can give you personalized attention tailored specifically to your needs. IB Plus Plus tutors are trained IB teachers and examiners, intimately familiar with the requirements for each assessment. Whether you need help to review and make suggestions on a first draft, or you want to systematically prepare for the External Assessments in a subject to help you build confidence, IB Plus Plus tutors are a valuable tool for you.

We will cater to your specific needs, while IB classroom teachers have a classroom full of students with different strengths and ‘weaknesses’. Although your teacher may prepare you well for assessments, there is only so much individual attention possible in this setting. When you work with a tutor, you get personal attention and advice on the specifics of your assessment. Your tutor can help you brainstorm a topic, advise on resources, aid you in structuring an outline or project, and help you understand how the examiner will grade you on the IB rubric. Whatever your specific needs are, we are here to help.

Single lessons or long term preparation?

A final look-over by a professional teacher or examiner of your first draft of an IB assessment is always useful, yet frequently the most efficient way to work with a tutor is to strategize ahead of time. IB Plus Plus tutors are teacher and examiners who understand what is required – we have taught the subject, we have read the Subject Reports[2] following each examination session, we have graded the assessments on the rubric and we have reviewed hundreds of assessments before we ever lay eyes on yours. We have years of experience and we are ready to explain how it works – that is our strength. How much time you want or need to put in with us, that is your choice.

Tutoring for the Internal Assessments

Some of you may only need a final look-over or a few suggestions, or you need your work graded on the rubric to get a better sense of what your final grade will be. However, most often your time is better spent preparing an assessment than fixing one that doesn’t sufficiently meet the requirements of the task. Therefore, our suggestion is first to plan ahead and prepare your Internal Assessment with a tutor to ensure your task meets the requirements, then perhaps get feedback again after you have completed your first draft. You have more control over the outcome of an internal assessment than an external one, so why not put in the time when you can?

Tutoring for Skills, Understanding and Preparing for the Final Exams

Many of you may need structured time with a tutor on a weekly, bi-weekly basis leading up to the IB Assessments. For example, you may need help to understand a difficult concept in Economics, Psychology, Physics or Biology. You may be worried about your skills on a particular task that you don’t don’t have much control over, such as analysis of a previously unseen text for the Paper 1 exam in Language and Literature.

Tutoring for the IB Core

You may need help coming up with the research question for your Extended Essay, identifying the main sections to organize your essay or finding reliable sources. You may need someone to explain the main concepts in Theory of Knowledge, brainstorm responses to the ToK essay question you have chosen, or help you with your thinking about the objects in the ToK Exhibition.

Tutoring to Make Up for Missed Lessons

When life throws you a curveball and you miss important instruction time, an IB Plus Plus tutor can walk you through the content, the skills or the material you missed. 1-1 tutoring is faster and more efficient than traditional classroom instructions and we can help you catch up to speed.

Whether you need only a few 1-1 lessons to review your IA or systematic tailored weekly lessons to build skills, understanding and confidence, private IB tutoring is always useful. Tutoring is a highly efficient and tailored way to address complicated subjects, tasks and assessments. The level of individualized support, guidance and attention you need is your choice.

What You Get With Private IB Tutoring

  • Personalized attention addressing your specific needs, customized to your specific learning needs in the subjects you feel you need it the most
  • Flexible lessons working with your specific schedule and with the frequency you desire
  • Practicing skills with your tutor using previous IB assessments published by the IB to help you become familiar with the specific requirements of the exams before exam day
  • Improved understanding of content and skills.
  • Improved performance on the IB rubric
  • Enhanced confidence going into the IB exams

[1] Internal Assessments are graded by the teacher then externally moderated by an IB examiner, External Assessments are graded by a team of external examiners appointed by the IB.

[2] The IB Subject Reports are reports prepared by the IB after each examination session addressing overall performance in the subject and suggestions for improvements for teachers and students.

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