Bring a Free Guest to Your 1-on-1 Tutoring Session.

We Can Make It Together..

Do you wish you could bring a friend or family member to your tutoring session to learn together? Well, now you can! Our new feature allows you to bring a free guest to your 1-on-1 tutoring session, giving you the opportunity to learn and study with a companion.

How it works?

  1. Inform your tutor in advance: Let your tutor know that you would like to bring a guest to your session. This will give them time to prepare and adjust the lesson accordingly.

  2. Share the details: Once your tutor approves, share the details of the session with your guest. This includes the date, time, and the link to the online tutoring platform. 

  3. Attend the session with your guest: Your guest can now join you in your tutoring session for free! They will have the opportunity to learn and study with you, and you can both benefit from the personalized attention of your tutor. There is no limit to the number of times you bring your guest to your tutoring sessions if the tutor approves it. 


  1. Learn with a friend or family member: Studying with a companion can make the learning process more enjoyable and productive.

  2. No additional charges: You can bring a guest for free! This feature is included in your regular tutoring session.

  3. Personalized attention: Your tutor will be able to focus on both you and your guest, ensuring that both of you receive the best possible support.


  1. Only one guest per lesson: You can only bring one guest to your tutoring session.

  2. Advanced notice required: Make sure to inform your tutor in advance if you plan to bring a guest.

  3. Guest must be informed: It is your responsibility to share the details of the session with your guest.

So, what are you waiting for? Bring a friend or family member to your next tutoring session and enjoy the benefits of learning together!


Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! you can bring one guest to your tutoring lesson for no additional charge.

You can bring anyone you like, such as a friend or family member who may also benefit from the tutoring session.

Yes, please inform your tutor in advance and share the details with your guest so they can join the lesson. This includes your guest name and email address. 

Only one guest per lesson is allowed to attend for free with the student. 

 Absolutely! Your guest is welcome to participate in the lesson and ask questions. However, please note that the tutor’s main focus will be on teaching the student who booked the session.

Please feel free to contact your tutor or contact us via Whatsapp or call us. 

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