Back to School in Uncertain Times (IBDP 2)

By Birgitte J. 

Ella, one of my IB Diploma Programme students, felt a lot of dread in anticipation of the IB Assessments in her Senior year. She described the sensation as a pit in her stomach, as if all the years of her international school education were insignificant in comparison to what lay ahead in this final year of her schooling. 

Whether you are preparing to enter the 2-year IBDP or you are in your final year, you are not alone in feeling some pressure. We all need a little hand-holding sometimes, and as a tutor, I feel we have two roles, the most important being to help you gain confidence in your own strengths. You are enough, just as you are in this moment – you’ve got this! Our second role, likely the reason you came here to IB Plus Plus, is to get some help to improve the skills you need to be successful in the IB and have a professional set of eyes on the assessments you are preparing. We’ve got you!

There is no precedent for this year in your lifetime. Most of us have just come through some kind of online or hybrid version of learning, and some of you are still in this situation. As a result, you may have realized the value of having a tutor for the first time this year, but let it be known, the value of having a tutor is an asset not to be underestimated in any given year. Think of it this way; your lessons are tailored for you alone, and we’ll meet you exactly where you are at right now. We’ll work with you on the specific homework assignment you just got yesterday, we’ll work with you on your specific IB assessment. This is not a general overview, you will get a highly skilled professional, perhaps even an examiner, to talk you through every step of your specific assessment. 


1-1 tutoring is by far the most efficient way to prepare yourself for what lies ahead. We understand how demanding the IB is and we get right down to the business of getting the work done. We can’t promise that the cloud of anxiety that you feel looming over you will evaporate completely, but we sure can help. If you are working on an Internal Assessment, we can help you choose a focus, suggest an approach, make a plan and help you with the execution or just a final review. Wherever you are at, we’re happy to step in and lend you a helping hand. If you need support preparing for the IB exams, we can show you specific strategies for how to manage your time and provide you practice papers, graded student work and examiners’ comments for review. These strategies are invaluable in helping you gain confidence and be successful on the exams. 

Finally, a word of encouragement; being successful on IB exams is not the end goal. The purpose of all your hard work is ultimately to become critical thinkers, compassionate and conscious human beings out in the world adulting on your own. The IBDP may help you get there but the process is different for everyone and that is why tutoring is by far the most personal, efficient and rewarding way to get you to that way of being in the world. 

So, let’s get to it. Reach out, set up that first appointment and know that you will receive the support you need, wherever you are at this moment. We look forward to hearing from you!


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