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NY: 08:00-11:30, UK: 13:00-16:30, Dubai: 16:00-19:30 (3.5 Hours a day)

Join our expert tutor, Carly, as she provides you with IB Biology SL/HL. Over five days, she will help you deconstruct IB-style questions, identify essential concepts and utilize key terms to score big in your exams. Don't worry if you are studying Standard or Higher Level; she will treat both content levels separately on different days.

See our detailed curriculum breakdown to see what Carly is covering each day; you can choose to study the topics you need per Standard/Higher levels or Higher level only days or the whole course! Sign up today.

This revision course is designed to cover key ideas and common misconceptions of the entirety of the IB Biology curriculum. As an experienced IB Biology teacher and IB examiner, I have selected the key concepts which students often need more support for as the main components of each lesson. Students will be asked to give their feedback before the course begins about which topics they would prefer to focus on each 3-hour session, depending on which topics were covered in their 1st year of the IB Biology Diploma Program. The HL topics are built off the SL topics, with two HL-specific sessions planned in the middle of the five days and are designed to balance the workload between SL & HL students.


- Topic 1 Cells

- Topic 2 Molecular Biol

Key concepts to cover in the 3-hour session:

  • Cell membrane structure & transport
  • The origin of cells – Endosymbiotic theory
  • The structures of the Biomolecules: carbohydrates, lipids & enzymes
  • DNA Replication, Transcription & Translation
  • Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis

Possible additional concepts (based on class choice):

  • Calculations of magnitude and actual size using scale bars
  • Cell division – mitosis
  • Properties of water
  • Structure of DNA & RNA
  • Enzymes



- Topic 4 Ecology

- Topic 5 Evolution & Biodiversity

Key concepts to cover in the 3-hour session:

  • Chi-square test for association with quadrat sampling
  • Carbon cycle & climate change
  • Evidence for Evolution
  • Cladistics

Possible additional concepts (based on class choice):

  • Ecological roles of species, saprotrophs vs. autotrophs
  • Energy flow in ecosystems
  • The process of Natural Selection
  • Classification of biodiversity



- Topic 7 DNA & RNA

- Topic 8 Photosynthesis, Metabolism & Cellular Respiration

Key concepts to cover in the 3-hour session:  

  • Key ideas of Replication, Transcription & Translation at the HL level
  • Reading Photograph 51 & the structure of DNA
  • Enzyme inhibitionKey ideas of Cellular Respiration & Photosynthesis

Possible additional concepts (based on class choice):

  • tRNA activation
  • Metabolism



- Topic 3 Genetics

- Topic 6 Human Physiology

Key concepts to cover in the 3-hour session:  

  • Inheritance: Punnett squares & Pedigrees
  • Genetic modification: PCR, Gel Electrophoresis & DNA Fingerprinting
  • Primary & Secondary Immune response & blood clotting
  • Neurons: Action Potential & Synaptic transmission
  • Female reproductive system

Possible additional concepts (based on class choice):

  • Genes & Chromosomes
  • Meiosis
  • Digestive system & enzymes
  • Structure of the heart & blood vessels
  • The Respiratory System



- Topic 9 Plant Biology

- Topic 10 Evolution & Genetics

- Topic 11 Animal Physiology

Key concepts to cover in the 3-hour session:  

  • Transport in Plants
  • Growth & Phototropism
  • Gene Pools & Speciation
  • Dihybrid crosses
  • Movement: Myosin & Actin
  • The Kidney & Osmoregulation

Possible additional concepts (based on class choice):

  • Plant Reproduction
  • HL level details of Meiosis
  • Antibody production & vaccination
  • Sexual reproduction

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Durations: 5 Days (25-29 Jul)
Maximum Students: 7
Skill level: SL/HL

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