Business Management Winter Revision Course 2021

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by Jon P.
7 Max. Students

Join our expert tutor, Jon, as he provides you with Business Management IB-Mock Revision Tuition. Our 2-day group course will provide you with the revision and understanding you need to be prepared for your coming examinations.  We will review all topics from Business Organization and Environment, Human Resource Management, Finance and Accounts, Marketing and Operations Management.  We will also revise the examination papers you will write for both higher level and standard levels.  Check out the curriculum breakdown and plan for the two days below.

Day 1

Unit 1: Business Organization and Environment

  • Introduction to Business Management
  • Types of Organizations
  • Stakeholders
  • External Environment
  • Growth and Evolution
  • Organizational Planning (HL)

Unit 2: Human Resource Management

  • Functions and evolution of human resource management
  • Organizational Structure
  • Leadership and Management
  • Motivation
  • Organizational (corporate) culture (HL)
  • Industrial/Employee Relations (HL)

Unit 3:  Finance and Accounts

  • Sources of Finance
  • Costs and Revenues
  • Break-even Analysis
  • Final Accounts (Some HL)
  • Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis
  • Efficiency ratio analysis (HL)
  • Cash Flow
  • Investment Appraisal (Some HL)
  • Budgets


Day 2

Unit 4:  Marketing

  • The Role of Marketing
  • Marketing planning  (4 P’s)
  • Sales Forecasting (HL)
  • The extended marketing mix of 7 P’s (HL)
  • International Marketing (HL)
  • E-Commerce

Unit 5:  Operations Management

  • The role of operations management
  • Production Methods
  • Lean Production and Quality management (HL)
  • Location
  • Production Planning (HL)
  • Research and Development (HL)
  • Crisis management and contingency planning (HL)

Assessment Review HL and SL

  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2

Course price
Book two subjects and get a total of $30 USD discount, book three subjects, get $90 discount and book four subjects and get $180 discount. Add more courses
Durations: 2 Days
Maximum Students: 7
Skill level: SL/HL

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