Chemistry HL Spring Group Course

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7 Max. Students
NY: 08:00-12:30, UK: 13:00-17:30, Dubai: 16:00-20:30 (4.5 Hours a day incl. 1/2 an hour break)

Join our expert tutor, Sarrah as she provides you with Chemistry HL Spring Revision Tuition. See our detailed Curriculum breakdown below.

Day 1:

Chapter 12: Atomic Structures

Chapter 13: Periodicity

Chapter 14: Bonding

Chapter 15: Energetics


Day 2:

Chapter 16: Kinetics

Chapter 17: Equilibrium

Chapter 18: Acids and bases


Day 3:

Chapter 19: Redox Processes

Chapter 20: Organic Chemistry

Chapter 21: Spectroscopic Analysis

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Durations: 3 Days
Maximum Students: 7
Skill level: HL

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