English Lang. & Lit. Winter Revision Course 2021

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7 Max. Students

Join our expert tutor, Angela, as she provides you with English IB-Mock Revision Tuition; see our detailed Curriculum breakdown below.

DAY 1 Tuesday, 4th January 2022

  • Clarifying the task and challenges: what are your strengths and challenges in the assessment component?
  • Defining the task: expectations for the Paper 1 Guided textual analysis.
  • Basics: time management, duration, instructions, guiding questions.
  • Understanding the criteria and descriptors.
  • Possible Paper 1 text types and their features.
  • A sample response: identifying strong points of the response.
  • Marking a good sample paper.
  • Discuss the qualities of an outstanding response.
  • Reflections and questions.

DAY 2 Wednesday, 5th January 2022

  • Developing specific skills – vocabulary, terminology, technical terms, precise vocabulary.
  • Developing specific skills – interpreting authorial choices in relation to the guiding question.
  • Reading and annotating texts.
  • The thesis statement.
  • Mind mapping.
  • Writing the analysis using the PEEL paragraph.
  • Topic sentences, paragraph unity, cohesion.
  • Smooth integration of quotations.
  • Conclusion and reflections.
  • Individual action plan for success.

Course price
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Durations: 2 Days
Maximum Students: 7
Skill level: SL/HL

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