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Welcome to our Pre-IBDP Mastery Course and Subject-Specific Summer Program! Whether you’re looking to get a head start on your IB Diploma or dive deeper into specific subjects, we have the perfect summer courses for you.

Pre-IBDP Mastery Course

For students starting their IB Diploma journey; get a head start on your IB journey with our comprehensive Pre-IBDP Mastery Course. Explore core IB subjects, develop essential skills, and gain confidence for the challenges ahead.

Key Features:

Subject-Specific Summer Program

Dive deeper into your favorite IB subjects or explore new ones with our Subject-Specific Summer Program, designed for both 11th and 12th graders. Master key concepts, sharpen your skills, and excel in your final year of the IB Diploma.

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Our curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between prior knowledge and the IB
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our summer courses include the Pre-IBDP Mastery Course and the Subject-Specific Summer Program. The Pre-IBDP Mastery Course prepares students for the IB Diploma Programme, while the Subject-Specific Summer Program allows students, whether entering 11th or 12th grade, to deepen their knowledge in specific IB subjects. With options available for both Higher Level (HL) and Standard Level (SL) subjects, students can tailor their summer learning experience to suit their academic goals and aspirations.


The Pre-IBDP Mastery Course is ideal for students who will be starting the IB Diploma Programme and wish to gain a solid understanding and strong skill set in preparation for the curriculum’s demands. The Subject-Specific Summer Program is designed for current IB students who want to strengthen their skills and knowledge in specific IB subjects before entering their final year.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive preparation for the IB Diploma Programme, the Pre-IBDP Mastery Course is the right choice. If you want to focus on specific IB subjects to excel in your final year, the Subject-Specific Summer Program is the perfect fit.

Both courses offer interactive live sessions, personalized support from experienced instructors, flexible scheduling options, and comprehensive resources to help students succeed in their IB studies.

To enroll in a course, simply click on the “Learn More” button for your desired course and follow the instructions for registration. Our admissions team is also available to assist you if you have any questions.

While there are no specific prerequisites for enrollment, students should ideally have completed the first year of their IB Diploma Programme or equivalent studies to ensure they have the foundational knowledge required for these advanced courses.

Yes, students can enroll in multiple courses if they wish. However, we recommend considering your summer schedule carefully to ensure you can fully commit to the workload of each course.

If you have any additional questions or need further information about our summer courses, please feel free to contact our admissions team. We’re here to help!

Alongside expert teaching, we provide resources like past papers for practice, tips for managing exam stress, and strategies for maximizing exam performance.

We encourage students to stick to their chosen session for consistency. However, if a change is needed, please contact us, and we’ll accommodate based on availability.
Yes, we offer post-course support, including access to recorded sessions and the ability to reach out to instructors for follow-up questions. Additionally, you will get 10% discount on our private tutoring if you need an additional attention after the course completion.
If you enroll after the course has started, you can catch up using the recorded sessions. We recommend enrolling early to fully benefit from the live sessions.
Our revision courses are intensively focused on IB exam preparation, emphasizing exam strategies and key concepts, unlike broader regular tutoring.
Yes, our courses cater to both DP1 and DP2 students, offering relevant and beneficial content for all stages of the IB Diploma program.