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6 hours for USD $420, 12 hours for $780, and 18 hours for $1,080 per subject

IBDP Final Exam Revision Courses

We are here to help you feel confident, calm and focused during your upcoming exam by preparing for your exam with IB Diploma examiners who play a critical role in evaluating the assessments of students pursuing an IB Diploma, assessing written assignments, setting and marking final exams, and attending training sessions to stay up-to-date with assessment methodologies. Their work contributes to determining the academic achievements of students and developing future leaders and thinkers. 

Our comprehensive and focused IB Diploma course includes both study time and coverage of exam specifics. we will ensure the student is fully prepared for test day as we provide you with: 

No matter what subject or area you need help with, our tutors are ready to help you today. If you don’t find the subject you are looking for from the below list, then please let us know via the chat feature to arrange a course for you and your friends

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Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

We connect high-quality IB tutors from North America and Europe with students from all over the world.
Safe & Secure. ​

Safe & Secure. ​

Our lessons are remote, and every session is recorded and privately rated. ​
The Best Online Tutoring Experience.​

The Best Online Tutoring Experience.​

We partnered with LessonSpace to deliver engaging live lessons; each session is recorded for a future revisit.​
Guaranteed Tutor Matching Satisfaction.

Guaranteed Tutor Matching Satisfaction.

Manual best-fit tutor selection with a 100% money-back guarantee on tutor matching.

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