Personal Customized Exam Revision Course!

We are proud to offer a 6-, 12- and 18-hours customized exam revision course, fully customized and delivered specifically for you by our expert IB tutors and examiners. 

This is an all-encompassing and focused course on helping you get the most from it. There will be study time and allocated time to cover the specific requirements and practicalities for the exams—maximum effort for maximum benefit.

US$ 390 for 6 hours, $690 for 12 hours and $990 for 18 hours per subject

How it works?

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Fill out the “Request your Course” form to help us build your personal revision plan.

Finalize Your Revision Plan

Discuss your needs to prepare your revision plan.

Prepare for the exam
Start your Personal One Day IB Revision Exam.

Revisit & Review
We record all sessions for you to revisit, and we ask to review your engagement.

Why US?

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

Accessible anytime, anywhere.

We connect high-quality IB tutors from North America and Europe with students from all over the world.
Safe & Secure. ​

Safe & Secure. ​

Our lessons are remote, and every session is recorded and privately rated. ​
The Best Online Tutoring Experience.​

The Best Online Tutoring Experience.​

We partnered with LessonSpace to deliver engaging live lessons; each session is recorded for a future revisit.​
Guaranteed Tutor Matching Satisfaction.

Guaranteed Tutor Matching Satisfaction.

Manual best-fit tutor selection with a 100% money-back guarantee on tutor matching.

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