IA Math Workshop Course- February 5th, 2022

7 Max. Students

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The course starts at 08:00 am (New York Time Zone) for 6 hours including breaks.

Aim and Rationale of the Math Internal Assessment Workshop?

I have come across a lot of students who struggle with their math IAs, either they are not provided with any guidance by their teachers or it is not sufficient to produce a good scoring IA for both SL and HL. As you know, producing a math IA is a different game. Even the selection of an appropriate topic is very tricky and to make sure that the topic carries enough depth to apply higher-level math at times becomes more daunting. And in the end, students end up with a compromise on their 20% risking their 7.

Secondly, appropriate use of Geogebra, Excel, Desmos, Symbolab, etc are some tools students don't feel comfortable with in terms of their use. Deriving mathematical models, doing analysis, and writing reflections are other challenging tasks in math IA. I have found content available online regarding the IA criteria is very general, which does not allow students to get an insight of the exact ingredients required to score full on all the five criterions. And there is a lot of detail that turns your high 5s into low 6s and high 6s into low 7s which is glossed over by most of the teachers due to their inexperience.

What is Math Internal Assessment?

  • A short (12-20 pages) written report
  • Same for Al and AA
  • The only difference between SL and HL is a difference in criterion E
  • An individual piece of work
  • The topic is chosen by the student
  • Word processed (recommended)
  • Worth 20% of the overall grade
  • 20 hours (minimum)
  • 1 draft with written feedback provided
  • Marked by your teacher (moderated by the 1B)

Marked against 5 Assessment Criteria

  • Presentation
  • Mathematical communication
  • Personal engagement
  • Reflection
  • Use of mathematics

Who is this Workshop for?

  • This course is for DP2 students who are going to appear for their final exams in April 2022.
  • This course is for the students who are still struggling with the selection of their topic for exploration.
  • It is also for the students who have their topics finalized or either proposed by their teachers but do not know what to do with them.
  • This workshop is also for those students who do not know how to derive various models or use GeoGebra, desmos, excel, and other statistical tools required to complete their IAs.
  • This workshop is for those who need specific help with their IAs.

Benefits of the Workshop

After attending this workshop, students would be able to do the following;

  • To come up with a strong and unique IA topic both for SL or HL if they have not done so.
  •  To figure out the appropriate math to be applied to meet the rigor of criterion E.
  • To know how to derive models using assumptions to show their true understanding of math particularly for AA.
  • To make efficient use of symbolab, GeoGebra, desmos, Microsoft Excel, logger pro, etc.
  • To do the analysis of their IA.
  • To write a conclusion that refers back to the aim.
  • To know the ingredients required to score full marks in reflections and personal engagement.
  • To get answers to their questions related to their specific IAs during the question and answer sessions.

See our detailed Curriculum breakdown below.

Content and Structure of the Math IA

  • Math IA Workshop for the Students.  (6 hours including breaks)
  • Introduction to IA.  (5 minutes)
  • How to select an appropriate topic for the exploration  (10 minutes)
  • Overview of 10+ topics with examples and the demonstration of the appropriate use of math for those topics  (80 minutes)
  • 10+ Topics would be mathematical modeling (sine, logarithmic, exponentials, quadratic, cubic, etc), data analysis, complex numbers and sine wave, Optimization, Differential Calculus, Kinematics, Voronoi, Higher-order polynomials, Normal Distributions, and Hypothesis Testing.
  • Break.  (15 minutes)
  •  Introduction to all the assessment criterions with detail by emphasizing how to score maximum in each of the criterions with the use of specific examples from the proposed topics.  (2 hours)
  • Break.  (30 minutes)
  • Skimming through a sample IA and highlighting areas where it gains or loses the score and finally awarding scores against each criterion.  (30 minutes)
  • Sample IA to be marked by the students using the criterions and its comparison with the actual score.  (40 minutes)
  • Specific Questions and Answers Session related to students’ personal topics.  (30 minutes)

Course price
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Durations: 1 Day (6 hours including breaks)
Maximum Students: 7
Skill level: SL/HL

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