Hassan H.
Specialized IB Math Teacher, Holds Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics and Currently an Instructor of Business Math at The Avalon College- Montreal.
Ph.D. in Mathematical Physics, Quantum Mechanics Branch, Concordia University
M.S. in Pure Mathematics, Notre-Dame University
BSc in Applied Mathematics (Computer Science), Faculty of Science, Lebanese University


I have 18 years of teaching experience in Mathematics for several curricula, the IB system being one of them. I am now a professor of Mathematics in Montreal, Canada. I have a Ph.D. in mathematical physics. I also research quantum mechanics.

1) Campaign for a new millennium, Concordia Graduate School, FAS (2016)
2) Concordia University Graduate Doctoral fellowship, FAS (2016, 2017, and 2018)

Teaching Experience

i. From 11/20 Avalon College
Position Held: Instructor of business math

ii. From 09/20 TAV College
Positions Held: Instructor for Cal I and Linear Algebra

iii. From 05/17 (current) Vanier Cegep College
Positions Held:
1) Instructor for Calculus III and Probability and Statistics courses during Summer 2017
2) Instructor for Calculus III (Summer 2018)
3) Instructor for Business Data Analysis (Business Stats) (Winter/Summer 2020; 4 contracts)

iv. From 03/17 to 01/20 Student Success Center (Concordia)
Positions Held:
1) Coordinator for Math tutors
2) Learning liaison (has done lots of triages for learning issues and taught students new learning strategies, in addition to giving workshops on problem-solving strategies)
3) Workshop leader of “Learning strategies for engineering and business students

v. From 01/16 to 03/20 Concordia University
Position Held:
1) PhD student and TA for Math 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206, 207, 208 and 209
2) TA for Math 200EC (1 contract), 201EC (3 contracts), and 208/209EC (1 contract)
3) TA marking for Multivariable Calculus (MAST 219), Real Analysis (Math 364), Linear Algebra with Maple (Math 235), and Discrete Dynamical Systems, Chaos, and Fractals (Math 475), at Concordia University
4) Instructor for Math 205 (Winter 2018) at Concordia University
5) Instructor for Math EC 201 online course (Fall 2018) at Concordia university
6) Helped with designing the following courses: “ Cal I and Cal II for science students,” under the supervision of Professor Fred Szabo

vi. From 09/10 to 12/15 Eastwood College, Lebanon
Position Held: Teacher
 High School Math Teacher for the American Classes (September 2010 – June 2012)
 Secondary Math Teacher for the Lebanese Classes (September 2010 – June 2012) Senior
 Math Teacher for both: American and Lebanese classes Grade 12 Senior (September 2012 – December 2015)

vii. From 09/07 to 06/10 West Hill College Lebanon
Position held: Coordinator and Teacher
 Math Coordinator for the middle and secondary schools
 Secondary Math Teacher for the Lebanese Classes

viii. From 09/02 to 06/08 Lycee Libanais Francais Lebanon
Position held: Teacher
 Physics Teacher for the 9th Grade
 Secondary Math Teacher for the Lebanese classes (10th, 11th & 12th)

Teaching Skills

Subject Skill Level
Extended Mathematics
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019) HL
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches (2019) SL
Mathematics: Applications And Interpretations (2019) HL
Mathematics: Applications And Interpretations (2019) SL
Mathematics is the door and key to the sciences -Roger Bacon

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