Is Online Tutoring Effective?

The experience of education has been altered forever by technology. Traditional education began with a schoolhouse with one room. For the next century or so, we have made a few improvements here and there.

The one-room schoolhouse developed into a multi-room school, children were separated into grade classes, and instead of only one managing all pupils, more teachers were hired. Other than that, though, the teaching stayed essentially the same.

The teacher kept using the chalkboard (later moved to the whiteboard), started teaching mostly from textbooks, lectured the class while they took notes, and at the end of the day, there was still some kind of homework.

Thankfully, the advent of computers, the internet, and various other technological devices altered the way we taught and trained students for education in the 21st century.

Printed textbooks are now being replaced on the internet by associated searches or even digitalized textbooks accessible anywhere internet access is available.

Computers allow each student to receive 1:1 (one computer for each student) training enabled by the use of technology. Furthermore, some courses are held completely online, or as a combination of classroom work and online work. Education will never be the same.

 Is Online Learning Really Effective?

The usefulness of it depends on the individual teacher, much as with in-person tutoring. To have a beneficial learning experience, both the teacher and the student must try their best. The good news is that many online tutors have excellent qualifications to choose from. If the results you are looking for are not given, then move on and find another better eligible one.

There are many advantages of online tutoring that can potentially eclipse the experience of in-person tutoring. The accessibility students now have to the best tutors in the world is one of the key advantage, geography and distance are not a problem anymore, students are not stuck with getting a teacher who is often below average only because they live on two streets, the tutor may be thousands of miles away.If it is done on camera, the student being tutored online may also record the lesson or go back and read the notes again if they don’t understand anything entirely. This means that, at the very same time as the student, the tutor does not always have to be accessible. If they need it, they may schedule the lessons ahead of time and provide the student with supplementary content.

Using cloud storage to exchange documents between the teacher and the student is another great feature of online tutoring. You can easily create interactive lessons and quizzes through a tool like Google Drive and share them with the learner at any time. The opportunity for all persons to be on the paper at the very same time is the best aspect of exchanging documents through Google Drive. It does present the student with an active tutoring session.

 Pros of Online Learning

Here are some of the pros of Online Learning which could prove to be very beneficial for your child.

Flexibility and Ease

Not having to drive to your tutoring session means that when your session is and with whom your session is, you can have more versatility. You are no longer limited by your postcode and do not have to take time to travel into consideration so that your evening is not disturbed and you can still enjoy some downtime.

Familiar Medium

As an outsider, the idea of learning through the web might strike you, but this is second nature to your kids. Students are regularly skyping and face timing, so the concept of video learning is not something they are unfamiliar with. If you’re worried that learning online would be limited, several platforms allow tutors to view the work of their tutors, write on interactive whiteboards and share screens.

Say No to Compromises

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of online tutoring is that it provides the same possibilities as individual learning. Using a webcam guarantees that tutors can always see when a child is struggling and, when they need it, display excitement and motivation. Also, you do not need to compromise on the teacher’s ability or whether or not your kid gets along with them. You have the chance to find the right mentor for your child and make sure they are always available for your sessions.

Feedback & Ratings

Feedback and criticism can be very difficult to take into consideration when it comes to tutoring. Not only do you want to make sure you are kept in the loop, but you also want to make sure your teachers are also in the classroom. Some online tutoring services provide their tutors with a feedback form where they can make notes and provide updates about your child’s success and upgrades, as well as what was discussed in the session.

This will then be transferred to you and the teachers in the classroom so that you are all aware of how your child gets on.

Qualifications and Skills

Perhaps one of the most helpful variables tutoring can give your child is to help them handle their workload and prioritize their time. Many kids may feel put off the tutoring idea because, after school, it takes their personal time. This is true, but getting a mentor when it is required implies that anything you have learned in those sessions can be applied to any homework, revision or activities, making the process much faster.


However, some parents would still choose to have their child tutored in person rather than online by another. It’s just a choice and they feel more at ease with it. Instead of being committed to being in front of a computer screen, there is something to be said about being able to look someone in the eye and have a conversation.

But yet the advantages of Online learning cannot be completely overlooked specially in current situation of global pandemic. Online learning is the best way to keep your child safe from contacting the contagious disease and continue his learning process.

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