Meet Our Teachers

Saqib R.

Hello! I am a teacher with a passion for empowering students to succeed in the world of business. With a strong background in the field and extensive experience in teaching, I bring a wealth of knowledge and insights to the classroom. It has been a long journey that started almost 15 years ago from being a young individual willing to light the ways for his students through his knowledge, skill and dedication. I have not been alone in this path as the students from around the globe have been my partners. I have taught Business, Economics and accounts to students from all around the world to diversify my area of learning and knowledge that has helped my students as well as me in becoming a far more better teacher than i thought i could be. A lot of prayers from my students has been a result of my utmost honest effort for them and that still is part of me. From O/A level, IBDP to BBA, MBA its been a time that would always be the best part of my life, thanks to my students.

Mina H.

I have had a great passion for teaching mathematics since 2012. During this period, I was proud to develop myself. I was able to generate innovative ideas, analyze and solve challenges, and achieve the required goals. I strongly believe in mathematics as one of human history's most critical and influential sciences. I want to deliver my message and share my experiences with other students worldwide.

Aysha S.

I am an experienced IB Business Management Teacher and an MBA Graduate with two published researches in renowned publications. I have assisted IB students in developing their IAs and EEs and provided one-on-one individual revision sessions wherein I discuss successful strategies in developing model answers to exam questions. The majority of my students have achieved Level 7 in their examinations. My teaching style is interactive, flexible, and student-oriented. So basically, what this means is that, If I feel the student is unable to grab a particular concept, I alter my strategy accordingly to fit the student's needs, ensuring they are engaged throughout the teaching process. Thank you for looking up my profile, we can schedule a complimentary meeting to discuss your requirements, and I can draft a plan specifying how I can assist you.

Dareen E.

I am a former Dentist. My medical background enriched my expertise in the subject I teach, "BIOLOGY." Biology has always been my favorite subject to learn and teach. I have taught for over 18 years and pursued a master's in International and Comparative Education. I taught different sciences at different school levels, from grade 6 to grade 12, teaching Biology, chemistry, physics, environmental science, and integrated sciences. I have six years of experience teaching IB Biology, delivering both the Standard Level (SL) and the High Level (HL). I am also experienced in supervising IAs as well as EE in biology. All in addition to being the head of the secondary science department at the current school I am working.

Philemon A.

I hold a bachelor's Degree in Information Technology and graduated with first-class honors. I have a passion for teaching IT, and as a result, I am very detailed during class sessions and always attend to the needs of all my students by assisting them when they need help. I have some background in project management and website development. With this skill, I will assist students in creating meaningful IT projects as their Internal Assessments. I also have experience as an IB Examiner; this role has given me an adequate understanding of the requirements for students to pass the subject. I also have sufficient experience in teaching MYP Digital Design and supervising students' Personal Projects, in which students under me have always excelled due to my attention to detail.

John C.

I have over fourteen years of experience teaching mainly the IB Diploma Chemistry to students applying to top universities in the UK and the US, including Oxford, Cambridge, and Imperial College.

Jesica S.

I have 14+ years of teaching experience as a chemistry teacher and IB examiner since 2020; I have a unique style of tutoring chemistry as it is my passion subject, and I can provide help with Extended Essay and Internal Assessment assignments. I can teach IGCSE to all levels (O, AS, A Levels) and SAT.

Siita D.

I am a compassionate, creative, and innovative Teacher with valuable experience in online classroom administration, professional development, and project planning. I am experienced in multiple instructional strategies focused primarily on student engagement and independent thought processes. Biology is a practical and application-based subject. Students can excel if they are taught to approach it from a problem-solving and dynamic perspective using a combination of concept and contextual-driven learning approaches. In my role as MYP/Diploma SL/HL Biology teacher for the past six years at the Tema International School (Ghana), I have achieved a 100% pass rate for students I tutored to sit for the Diploma External examinations with 95% pass rate for candidates who sat the e-assessment examination. I have experience teaching biology at the IGCSE and Advanced Subsidiary/Advanced Level. With a track record of initiative and dependability, I have devised strategic initiatives which I believe will prove valuable to my student's academic success; for example, I organized student-centered workshops in my school to orient students to the success requirements of obtaining high grades in the Science Extended Essays and IA after I gained deeper insight as an IB Biology Extended Essay Examiner and IA moderator on a temporal basis. This has resulted in a 100% success pass rate for students taking extended essays in the sciences since I joined the school. Recently, I was invited by the IB to apply for an Assessment Content Developer position which is still in progress. This will also give me firsthand information about the selection criteria for external assessment examination content and aid in facilitating exam preparation for my students.

Fulya O.

I have 25 years of teaching experience from grades 7 to 12. I have 15 years of IB DP teaching experience at the HL and SL levels. I have around 30 IB DP graduates each year. I am also teaching MYP science at grade 7 and grade 8 levels. Being an IB examiner is my advantage as a teacher. I can predict common mistakes, which enables me to focus on misconceptions. Once the student gets the habit of what to focus on each topic, everything is easy. Past IB questions are the best practices in DP chemistry. All DP exam questions are predictable once you review two IB past exams. Time should be used efficiently in life. If we spend 60 minutes on a topic, it should be worth it!

Saurabh D.

This is Saurabh from India, currently working in an IB world School in Thailand teaching DP Chemistry SL/HL and MYP chemistry. I have 14 years of experience in teaching chemistry. I started my formal teaching career in 2007 and completed 14 years of teaching. I taught various programs, including Cambridge IGCSE chemistry/Biology and AS/A level chemistry, apart from DP. I am an examiner for Paper-2 Chemistry and WSEE. I had long experience supervising students for Chemistry IA and Chemistry extended essays. I am also a candidate for IB educator training programs.

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