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Sara G.

Country: Mexico, Mexico_City
Psychology HL/ SL Tutor and Examiner for Internal Assessment and Paper 1; holds a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology and is a current Ph.D. candidate with 10+ years of experience as a teacher and professor. See more
  • IB Psychology Examiner
  • IB School Teacher
  • IBDP Coordinator
  • IG Psychology Examiner

Allen P.

Country: Canada, Vancouver
IB Diploma Literature and Language and Literature, IB examiner (Paper 1 Literature and the HL essay), holds MA in English with 24+ years of classroom teaching experience. See more
  • IB English A Examiner
  • IB School Teacher

Nadia R.

Country: United Kingdom, London
IB Alumni student, graduated in May 2022, currently enrolled at KCL (King’s College London) pursuing a BSs in Pharmacology with 2+ years of teaching experience. See more
  • IB Alumni

Erica F.

Country: Argentina, Argentina
IBDP/ IGCSE expert Spanish teacher, team leader, examiner, and head of the Spanish department; holds a Teacher Degree in Spanish and a Bachelor's degree in Spanish Licenciatura en Letras with 15+ years of teaching experience. See more
  • IB HOD
  • IB School Teacher
  • IB Spanish A Examiner

Andrew T.

Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Paris
An educational leader and administrator currently Head of Science and Director of Curriculum Development with the United World College of Mostar. A result–driven Professional researcher, educator, and mentor with proven skills and a great passion for learning; holds a B.Sc. in Microbiology, Chemistry & Zoology with 8+ years of teaching experience. See more
  • IB Biology Examiner
  • IB Chemistry Examiner
  • IB HOD
  • IB School Teacher
  • IB Workshop Leader

Raheel A.

Country: Pakistan, Karachi
IB/ IGCSE/ GCSE German Teacher; holds a Master's in German language and Literature. I have several years of experience in PYP, MYP, IBDP, CP, AS, A, and O-Levels. See more
  • IB HOD
  • IB School Teacher

Yusaf K.

Country: Indonesia, London
MYP language and literature, IBDP TOK educator and examiner, IBDP EE supervisor with over 16+ years of IB teaching and administration. See more
  • EE Supervisor
  • IB HOD
  • IB School Teacher
  • Personal Project Supervisor
  • TOK Coordinator
  • TOK Examiner

Sneha B.

Country: India, Kolkata
A friendly and caring IBDP HL/SL Physics tutor; holds a Master of Science in Physics with 5+ years of teaching experience. See more

Javeria T.

Country: Pakistan, Karachi
A passionate teacher of Theory of Knowledge, English Language and Literature, History, and Global Politics for IBDP and History, English Literature and Sociology for A Level, a teacher trainer and school manager for 21 years with a Master's and MPhil in English Literature and Master's in International Relations. See more
  • EE Coordinator
  • IB Head of School
  • IB HOD
  • IB School Teacher
  • IB Workshop Leader

Hamsa E.

Country: Egypt, Cairo
Economic SL/HL expert tutor, professor, and IB Examiner for Economics Internal Assessment and Extended Essay with BA, MA, and Ph.D. in Economics, with 23+ years of teaching experience. See more
  • IB Economics Examiner
  • IB School Teacher
  • Ph.D.


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