Tutors FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

As a Tutor, you will be required to make good use of your qualifications and experience to connect and teach IB students worldwide. Your responsibility as a ++tutor will be to deliver quality online sessions to the students coming from different regions of the world. It is important that you work with our team towards our mission to elevate online IB tutoring globally.  

As a Tutor, you must have the knowledge and experience of teaching IB students. You should be dedicated to teach and show commitment to globalize IB tutoring. Join our team only if you are willing to work for a minimum period of 6 months.    

At this stage we are accepting tutors by invitation only, where we relay on our research for best fit tutors, as well as existing tutors referrals.  

To become an IB tutor at ++tutors you must have extensive years of experience as an IB teacher or examiner at an accredited IB school and online tutoring track record with a maintained review score of 4.5+

Join our team to get the chance to connect and reach IB students across the world. You will get to work in your idle local working hours between 8 am EST to 5 pm EST taking advantage of the time differences worldwide. Through our platform, you will experience meeting people from different cultures and regions of the world. There is an opportunity of group tutoring in the future if you meet our requirements. Moreover, you get paid twice a month.  

For the time being it is only one-on-one private online tutoring to students, you will be assigned to deliver online sessions at a date and time which is agreed by both, you and the student.

By signing-up to our platform and accepting our Service Agreement, you are considered as an independent contractor to deliver online lessons to students worldwide through our platform. 

Our recruitment process is based on selection and referral only, we search and connect with professional tutors and get them onboard. Or will be receiving requests through our platform from tutors who are referred by our onboard tutors. 

We review tutors resumes and qualifications following with an introductory call, tutors will be asked to sign-up to our platform and complete all required information. The requirement team will review their applications and respond to them within 3-7 days. 

Upon reaching out to you, we will arrange an introductory call to kick-off the process 

Yes! We have an introductory call with all our tutors before on boarding them. Here we explain to you our working process to clear your doubts and answer your questions as well as to get to know more about your teaching style. 

Our recruitment team will try it’s best to review the tutor’s applications submitted and get back to them as soon as possible. But in some cases, it may take up to 3-7 business days to connect with them via email. 

Yes! relationship between the tutor and ++tutors are documented on Tutors Service Agreement document, Terms of use, and Privacy policy to safeguard the rights and confidentiality of both the company and your service as a tutor on our platform. 

After the introductory meeting, as a tutor you will receive an email with a link to sign up to our platform. You will have to fill in your profile information, please provide as many details as possible about your qualifications and experience to help us better praise your profile. After you fully fill in your profile, our team will review and approve your profile to you so can start get jobs that are relevant to your experience.

Based on the available client job details such as expected duration, frequency, subject, and session timing, we will select tutors who best fit the job requirements, the selected tutors who will be notified by our system to apply to the job. If you are interested, available and able to commit to the job until completion, please apply within 24 hours. Only applications that meet the job requirements will be shared with the client for review and selection.

We will inform you whether you have been selected or not email communication,¬†kindly wait for 3 ‚Äď 7¬†business¬†days so that we review your application carefully and get back to you within the stipulated¬†time.¬†

We are using TutorCruncher to manage the educational process, and our lessons run over Lessonspace. 

We are using Lessonspace to deliver engaging live lessons with every session recorded and fully accessible. For more information on lessonspace please visit https://www.thelessonspace.com/

As a tutor you will receive feedback and rating from your student/ client after every online session you deliver, you are required to maintain a high review rating all the time. Feedback received will be for internal use only. 

As an IB tutor on ++tutors, you are by no means allowed to have any kind of personal connections or agreement with the client or the student outside of the company platform. If you initiate any kind of connection with your client outside the company platform, it will be considered as a breach of your Independent Service Agreement signed and accepted with the company.  

Asa tutor on with ++tutors, you understand and accept that a client shall be entitled to cancel or amend a lesson that has been arranged with you without incurring a fee if at least 48 hours’ notice of such cancellation or amendment is given to the you. A lesson within 48 hours of the agreed date and time for the lesson will incur the full fee for the lesson as booked.

If the Contractor cancels a lesson that has been arranged with the student with less than 24 hours’ notice for any reason other than an accident, illness or emergency, then the Student will be entitled to have the following lesson, which may be up to the same duration as the lesson that has been cancelled, at fifty percent of the lesson fee, unless the student has agreed with the Contractor to forego this right.

At ++tutors we follow a 15 days payment cycle. As a tutor you will get paid twice, you will have to submit your invoice twice of each month, on the 16th (for the lessons made from the 1st to 15th) and on the 1st (for lessons made from the 16th to the last day of the previous month), then you will be paid within 14 days of your invoice submission, All lessons included must be successfully completed. 

If by any chance you miss the due date to submit your invoice then your payment will be scheduled for the next payment cycle. 

You will get paid by bank transfer twice every month. To get paid, ++tutors must receive an invoice with the due amount.

To facilitate the payments, ++tutors will share the due amount for each payment cycle for the tutors to submit their invoice and get paid on time.

If a tutor did not submit their invoice on timely manner, then they will get paid in the next payment cycle. Since ++tutors is a Canadian company, Canadian tutors only must have the tutor GST/HST number written on their invoices. 

Please feel free to reach out to us via the chat box or at care@plusplustutors.com for any other questions related to payments 

As a ++tutor you will not be allowed to enter into any personal agreement with the client or student or accept any kind of direct payments from them outside of the platform, doing so will be considered a breach of the terms and conditions of ++tutors. All your payments and online sessions must be done through our platform only.  

You will be responsible to arrange the equipment necessary to deliver online lessons. Items such as laptop, headphone, and a reliable internet connection are the basic requirements 

Yes, there will be video training materials and knowledge base to get you on-board. On top of that, we are available at anytime via chat and email to support at Care@plusplututors.com

We are always happy to answer all your inquiries. We are one click away via our chatr box at our website www.plusplustutors.com , or feel free to send us an email at at care@plusplustutors.com