Most frequent questions and answers

We are an online educational platform specialized in IB tutoring; we work to match you with the best-fit tutors according to your requirements. All you need to do is fill out the find me a tutor” form stating your requirements, and our team will then reach out to you and share with you the best –fit tutors.

We aim to connect North American and European IB tutors to students across the globe. Physical distance cannot be a barrier to your learning.  

When you choose ++tutors, you’ll be paired with IB-specialized tutors from around the globe who boast an impressive track record of experience in IB curriculum tutoring. Our team comprises IB-certified teachers, examiners, Ph.D. graduates, and IB-Alumni tutors who have achieved a perfect 45/45 score. We’re committed to finding the best fit tutor for you and ensuring that your goals are met. Once we receive your request and fully grasp your unique requirements, we’ll suggest one or more tutors for you to choose from.

We have plenty of benefits from attending our online sessions, such as: 

  • Experienced IB tutors: 

    We are focused and specialized in providing the best IB online tutoring experience. 

  • Accessible Global IB Tutoring: 

We connect high-quality IB tutors from North America and Europe with students from all over the world. 

  • Safe and Relaxed Environment: 

Our lessons are remote, and every session is recorded and privately rated. 

  • Engaging Online Tutoring Experience: 

We partnered with Lessonspace to deliver engaging live lessons; each session is recorded and accessible at any time! 

  • Guaranteed Tutor Matching Satisfaction: 

Manual best-fit tutor selection with a 100% money-back guarantee on tutor matching. 

Our platform hires tutors by invitation only, where we research the best IB tutors who have a proven high-quality online IB tutoring experience. This includes IB examiners, certified teachers, Ph.D. graduates and IB-Alumni tutors with a 45/45 score. 

To facilitate the best possible online tutoring experience, we have teamed up with software provider Lessonspace for our program. Lessonspace delivers engaging live lessons through with every session recorded and accessible at any time!

After submitting the “Find me a tutor” form, client will be assigned and contacted by a designated account manager to collect more information if needed about the service. This will help us find you our perfect match to help your children achieve their goalsMoreover, the account manager will continue to be the client’s and children’s contact points throughout ++tutors’ engagement. 

++tutors offer only 1:1 private online tutoring only at this stage, with plans to expand to group courses later. 

Our tutors’ hourly price range is between $55 and $95. The price depends on the tutor profile, his experience, subject and level. 

Payments for the lessons have to be made in advanceyou will have to maintain enough credit balance for each lesson to enable the tutor tbook your next lesson. 

Our preferred payment method is credit cards, and you can pay directly through your Client Account on ++tutors. If you would like to use another payment method, please chat with us or send us an email at care@plusplustutors.com. 

No! You cannot, in any case, pay the tutor outside of ++tutors’ platform. If you involve direct payments to clients outside of ++tutors, it will be considered a breach of our company’s terms and conditions. 

  • Let us know your goals: 

Share your goals with us by submitting the “Find me a tutor” form, and we will match you with the right IB private tutor to meet your educational style and goals. Start by answering a few questions, and you will be contacted by our team to get more details about your specific needs. 

  • Get the best hand-picked IB tutors: 

We will review your needs and match you to tutor(s) whose background and personality suit your child. We guarantee you will be pleased with our tutor match, or we will credit you for the first session and arrange for your student to work with another tutor. 

  • Work toward your goals: 

The student will be practicing the material during the lessons; homework will be assigned based on the material. In the next session, the tutor will evaluate the homework results to praise or help them avoid future mistakes. The live lesson collaborative tool we use will make it feel like the tutor is in the student’s home. On top of that, every session is recorded and fully searchable for future study and revisions for free. 

  • Rate and review: 

At the end of each lesson, both the tutor and the student will rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Your rating should reflect the quality of service you think was provided by that particular tutor, and it will be kept private. 

After submitting the “Find me a tutor” form, we will automatically create an account for you on our system; you will receive an email to set your own password. https://secure.tutorcruncher.com/plusplustutors/signup/client/. If you are an existing customer, your request will initiate a new job for you on our systems.  

When you post a job stating your requirements or send direct notifications to our tutors, they receive notification in their email. Available tutors will then start to apply. Once we receive at least 3 tutor applications, we will share the applicants’ profiles through the mail in pdf formatYou can reply to the same email with your choice of tutor. Then we will send a confirmation mail to the tutor selected by you stating that he/she has been successfully assigned to the job. Confirmation emails will be sent to both tutors and clients to share their information. Only tutors selected by students will be assigned to the job with a confirmation email sent to both tutors and students.  

Our Team starts to propose tutors with 24 to 48 hours of receiving your request. We aim to complete the process of assigning you a tutor within 5 days. 

The tutor assigned to you will schedule the lesson for you after you both agree on the date and time the lesson to be set up. 

Our tutors do not have a curriculum. However, they may have supportive materials aligned with the student IB curriculum to help students understand the subject and achieve their goals. 

Yes! Our tutors may assign homework to students to practice after the online lesson when needed. Students can then clear their doubts regarding the homework in the next lesson. 

Yes! At ++tutors, every online session is recorded and accessible at any time! 

Yes! You will have the opportunity to leave private feedback for the tutor according to the quality of the lesson delivered. The feedback is totally private and will not be shared with the tutor and will help us evaluate and improve our tutoring team’s quality and delivered services. 

We offer Risk-free online sessions with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on tutor matching. If in an unlikely event where you are not satisfied with the assigned tutor or after the first tutoring lesson quality, you need to report your concern within 24 hours after the lesson has been given to be able to request a refund. Furthermore, if agreed, a repeat of the first tutoring session with a new tutor can be done at no extra charge. 

In any case that you feel the assigned tutor cannot solve your doubts or help you understand the concepts well, you are always free to reach out to us. Our team will help you to connect you with another tutor as soon as possible. 

Any student not satisfied with the quality of Tutoring received after the first tutoring session is entitled to a credit back to your account of tutoring monies paid or, if agreed, a repeat of the first tutoring session with a new tutor at no extra charge.

If You would like to request a refund, please contact us at care@plusplustutors.com within 24 hours of the tutoring session have taken place. You will be presented with the following options:

  1. a replacement Tutor
  2. a full refund

You recognize and agree that after 24 hours, no refund of tutoring session will be granted, under any circumstances.