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A dedicated student engaged in effective IB exam preparation surrounded by study materials and notes.

Sylvester W.

I have 16 years of experience as an educator, specializing in both IB and IGCSE curricula. I serve as an IBDP Examiner for Visual Arts Extended Essay, Comparative Study, Process Portfolio, and Exhibition. Additionally, I fulfill roles as the Personal Project Coordinator, MYP Product Design teacher, and instructor for both IBDP and MYP Visual Art. My educational background includes a Masters in Education focusing on teaching and learning strategies as well as classroom management. Witnessing students' growth and development is my ultimate passion. I am married with 3 beautiful daughters and enjoy dedicating my free time to soccer and chess. I am also a trained Rugby League coach and official. During vacations, I love to indulge in my passion for designing and painting. Witnessing students' growth and development is my ultimate passion.

Exam Revision

Sneha B.

I'm a teaching physics, chemistry, and mathematics for the last five years. My classes are full of fun and challenges. One would feel challenged but not dumb. I focus more on explanation with examples rather than on definition only. I prefer allowing students to solve any problem related to the subject rather than just solving them for students. I have an art of making things easier in physics and mathematics, especially with tricks in chemistry. My strengths and qualifications match the tutor requirements and will bring immediate value to you. In my former As a Home tutor of mathematics, physics, chemistry, science, Hindi, English, and Sanskrit role, I exercised a calculated and systematic approach to problem-solving. While independently motivated, I appreciate collective efforts and collaborate productively within group settings.

Veronika K.

I graduated from the IBDP in May 2021, with the subjects English B: Language and Literature, Business Management, Mathematics: Analysis and Approach and Economics HL; Russian Literature, and Environmental Systems and Society (ESS) SL. I teach subjects where I got 7s Business Management HL/SL, ESS SL, and 6 Economics HL/SL and can provide assistance with the IAs for the same. I believe that my own experience as IBDP alumni allows me to share my knowledge and skills with students and help them to improve grades and discover subjects in depth. I am excited to help students understand each concept and provide them with memorization and systematization techniques.

Sara G.

I am curious and a keen learner of human and social sciences, music, and food. I appreciate life in all its forms and diversity. I enjoy discovering different beliefs and approaches to life. I was IB DP Coordinator from 2014 to 2017 at Bachillerato 5 de Mayo- BUAP and taught Psychology for a few years. I became an IB examiner in 2014 and currently examine the Internal Assessment and Paper 1 components. As a teacher and tutor, I help students learn this beautiful human science through different techniques that favor the development of cognitive skills required to achieve knowledge, understanding, and a critical mind.

Pedro N.

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering from Post-graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Technical University of Eindhoven Post-graduate degree in Bioinformatics from "Universidade do Minho Post-graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering from "Instituto Politécnico de Lisboan Post-graduate degree in Oncobiology from "Instituto Politécnico de Lisboan. In my Bachelor of Science degree, I performed 6 advanced math courses and 4 physics courses and one General Chemistry course, and one Organic Chemistry course. I am a tutor and coordinator of study support at the 4 Brain study center in Oeiras from 2016 to 2019, teaching IB diploma, College syllabus courses, and High School Portuguese Diploma level courses. Private Tutor since 2009, teaching Math high level and standard level IB diploma.

Gulden K.

After teaching for a long time regular chemistry subjects to different levels of high school students, I am an IBDP chemistry teacher. I have been teaching chemistry for 34 years. My experience with IB teaching starts in 2011 and has been continuing for 10 years until now. I teach both SL and HL chemistry levels and have assisted my IB students about 80 in these years in preparing, and developing their Internal Assessments (IA) giving them feedback at least 3 times during their 2 years of the IB program according to the required criteria of IA assessment. I also help out my IB students in their extended essays. Preparing students for their May and November exams, I prepare mock exams or use various resources until they feel comfortable with them. I also tutor other students for their entrance to IMAT (International Medical Admission Test) exams or students of different high school levels in their chemistry lessons. Since the spread of the pandemic, my professional teaching experience has improved in online teaching. In the last 5 years in my last school, I also acted as the CAS coordinator of the DP program as well as being CAS adviser of my chemistry class and school coordinator of the Duke of Edinburgh International Awards Program and adviser for the MUN club. I am a humorous person who likes making jokes during tutoring so that the student feels comfortable during tutoring. One other interest that I have is to get involved in community service projects with my students.

Fred T.

With an impressive tenure of 33 years, i have a wealth of experience in teaching various IB subjects, with particular expertise in Physics, Chemistry and Maths. Over these three decades, i have also been instrumental in guiding students through their Internal Assessment (IA) - key components of the IB curriculum that require nuanced understanding and strategic approach. In addition to this, i have spent 33 years assisting students with Higher School Certificate (HSC) subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Engineering Science.

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