How to Achieve Success in IB Exams

Written by: Birgitte J. Your teacher will tell you to start early, and we concur! The IB Programme is a 2-year curriculum accumulating in two to three externally assessed exams in each course. The externally assessed exams are conducted at the end of the two years in May or November, depending on which hemisphere your […]

Strategies to Handle Your IBDP Biology Exam

Written by : Carly T. As the IB exam season approaches many students will be beginning their exam review sessions, on their own, with their teachers and classmates as well as with their tutors. It is my hope that this blog post will give you a bit of guidance about three key strategies to be […]

How to stay motivated in the IB

Written By Ranjika B. As the year approaches its end, DP students get closer to their dreaded EE, TOK and IA submissions, and mocks, they are likely to find themselves losing motivation. If this sounds familiar, remember: you’re not alone! It is completely normal to feel anxious, unmotivated and overwhelmed. Please do not feel unworthy […]

Things No One Will Tell You about What to Expect at University: Part I

Written By Rashi S. Independent Living  Depending on which country your university is located in or the university itself, you will either have on-campus accommodation or not or you may even continue to live with your parents. For those who are pursuing their further education away from home, it is common for universities to provide […]

The 5 Best Tools for Dealing with Anxiety in the IB

Written By: Rashi S. 1-Get Sufficient Hours of Sleep  You must get sufficient hours of sleep to deal with anxiety. Often, you hear IB alumni make statements such as “good luck surviving the IB” and there is a multitude of memes that indicate how it is impossible to simultaneously have good grades, a social life, […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Coping with Exam Stress

Written By Ranjika B. With the upcoming examinations, it is normal for students to get stressed and anxious. Our previous blog post touched upon some techniques that you can use to prevent getting stressed and anxious, and we would highly recommend those techniques to be continued during exam preparation. However, it is completely normal to […]