Your Ultimate Guide for Acing IB Psychology Paper 2

Written By Rashi S.  Before beginning, click here if you have not yet seen the guide for IB Psychology Paper 1 and Paper 3 and/or are interested!  Format Paper 2 is the second exam for HL students and the last one for SL students. HL students must answer two extended response question (ERQ) from two […]

The Perfect Guide to Earn a 7 in your IB Psychology IA

Written By Rashi S. I was in the graduating class of May 2021. I earned 19/22 for my IB HL Psychology IA draft which is on the Stroop Effect and scored a 7 in the subject. I walk you through the top mark band for each criterion from the most recent IB Psychology Guide in […]

The A to Z Guide for Structuring your TOK Essay for Optimal Success

Written By Rashi S. I was in the graduating class of June 2021. I earned an A for my TOK essay and a B for my EE, enabling me to secure the maximum 3 points from the core. Structuring and formatting your TOK essay well goes a long way; it helps you untangle confusing concepts […]

7 Different Ways to Make the Most of your IB DP Y1 Winter/Summer Break

Written By Rashi S. Introduction Expectedly, DP Y1 is less rigorous and less time-consuming than Y2. Therefore, I would recommend engaging in extracurricular activities and completing CAS, at least for the most part in Y1 parallel to your academics. This enables you to focus more on your IA deadlines, practice past papers, and organize yourself […]

How to Stay Sane: A Promising Guide to Stress Management in the IB DP

Written By Rash S. Introduction You must be thinking, here is another cringy blog written about stress management. How am I supposed to practice it when the DP workload barely permits me to do so? Doesn’t thinking about effective stress management add more to the list of things I must account for instead of decreasing […]

Boost your IBDP Grades with Better Note-taking.

Written By Rashi S. First things first Whilst some may claim that they can remember all material that was taught in class without taking notes or actively engaging with the content, this is not possible for most people. Note-taking is a skill that you do not only need for the DP but for university and […]