Get expert tuition and support in IB English, today!

Gain confidence and improve your IB scores in IB English. We have tutors ready to help improve your skills and walk you through the assessments in all three Group 1 courses;

  • Language A: Literature
  • Language A: Language and Literature
  • Literature and performance

Don’t worry about SL or HL; we have got you covered. We can offer tuition at either level.

Serving Worldwide

Improve Grades

Expert IB tutors to help you improve your grades.

Exam Preparation ​

Ace your English exams with our expert IB tutors. 

Subject Support

Get help with your English topics anytime, anywhere.

Boost Confidence

Gain the confidence you need to conquer IB English!

Topic Specific Support

Boost your confidence and grades in IB English with one of our dedicated and professional tutors. Learn everything you need to prepare for your exams and to get the grades you deserve. Our tutors can help in SL or HL topics 

What about the IO?

We know the English Individual Oral can be CHALLENGING, and you’re probably thinking, where do I start? Our dedicated tutors can help you complete your IO; they’ll consult you on topic ideas, organization, and structure.

Alongside this, they’ll provide examples of student IOs with sample recordings, texts, and examiner comments.

Most importantly, they’ll help you practice timed oral assessments and provide suggestions for revisions. 

What about the HL Essay?

Students taking English Literature or English Language and Literature at Higher Level need to produce a 1200-1500 word essay for external assessment. Our expert tutors can help you define your topic and organize your work.

Expert Exam Preparation

Exams, we all hate them, but they form a core part of the IB. Our tutors will work with, and guide you on the assignments and texts that you provide, or they can provide you with sample materials for practice. 

English Tutors

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