Tips For Selecting The Best Online Tuitions Service Provider

When it comes to selecting the best online tuitions service provider for your children, it becomes quite confusing as the internet is loaded with several websites offering online tutoring services, although the number of organizations offering IB online tuitions only is not many, it is still a difficult task. Our experts have taken liberty and […]

8 Benefits of Online Tutoring

In today’s world Internet has revolutionized every sector. It is no doubt that education sector too has been influenced by the immense possibilities that internet offers. Though online tutoring has been there since few years but the current COVID-19 pandemic situation in the world has made the parents revise the learning process of their children.   With the world shutting […]

20 Tips for Parents of IB Diploma Students

You are your child’s first and most significant teacher as a parent.  Kids do better and have positive feelings about going to school when parents and families are interested in their kids’ schools. In reality, several studies indicate that what the family does is more important than how much money the family earns or how […]

Is Online Tutoring Effective?

The experience of education has been altered forever by technology. Traditional education began with a schoolhouse with one room. For the next century or so, we have made a few improvements here and there. The one-room schoolhouse developed into a multi-room school, children were separated into grade classes, and instead of only one managing all […]